B2 Gold Namibia donates N.dollars 3.2 million to Unam’s veterinary unit

B2 Gold Namibia has donated the University of Namibia (UNAM) with a veterinary unit valued at N.dollars 3.2 million designed to provide students with essential training required by veterinary undergraduate.

The unit located at the Unam Neudam Campus includes the construction of a wildlife bomas which will provide training, research and clinical services to both state and the game farmer.

It is also designed as an approval quarantine holding area required for the export of wildlife and will be used as a wildlife auction facility.

Speaking at the event at the Unam Neudam Campus on Friday, B2 Gold Namibia Managing Director and Country Manager, Mark Dawe said sustainability of wildlife should be the biggest component of Namibia's wildlife sector.

He noted that the company's vision and values recognize the responsible environmental stewardship and social responsibility as integral components of business in today's world.

When we support wildlife, it is about passion as we believe that wildlife and economy in Namibia go hand in hand, he noted.

Accepting the donated construction, UNAM's Acting Vice Chancellor, Ellen Namhila said the unit is phase one of the wildlife veterinaries, adding that students will be able to gain necessary training which will provide Unam qualified veterinarians to serve the industry.

Faculty Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources Anna Marais said Unam's school of veterinary medicine has been in operation since 2014, producing its first successful 17 veterinarians in December 2019.

She noted that the veterinary undergraduate course includes three modules on wildlife clinical studies aim to provide a foundation of veterinary science as it relates to wildlife conservation and the game industry.

The curriculum includes wildlife science because of heritage of wildlife we see in Namibia. The primary goal is to provide the graduates with the managerial skills to monitor and maintain a healthy population of wildlife in Namibia and to deal with the challenges of wildlife conservation and an ever-growing game industry, she emphasized.

Since inception, the school of veterinary has registered a total of 150 students.

Source: Namibia Press Agency