Biomass power study almost complete

Exactly two years after inviting tenders for a study to analyse the potential of biomass power plants in the country, NamPower has announced that the report is almost complete.
NamPower said results of the pre-feasibility study are promising and the power utility has already given the go-ahead to continue with a full-scale feasibility study while also investigating the feasibility of a hybrid biomass/CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plant.
Nampower MD, Paulinus Shilamba told the Economist that the process has taken two years because a lot of stakeholders needed to be consulted.
“Off course it’s not an easy study, it takes long. We have to consult also with the farmers. We had to do a lot of modelling, but the final report has now been produced. We expect the final report to be presented to us during the course of next month (June). As soon as the report is finalised we want to start with the detailed feasibility study of a hybrid type of system combining biomass with CSP and that will take some time, maybe another two years, before we can actually start with the implementation,” Shilamba said.
According to a tender notice issued by NamPower in 2011, the pre-feasibility study will provide potential investors and developers a clear road map in developing power projects fuelled by biomass from encroacher bush.
It is estimated that 26 million hectares of agricultural land have already been affected by bush encroachment which poses a major threat to agricultural productivity as large areas of arable agricultural land become unusable. Using the invader bush in biomass power plants to generate power is also viewed as a potential solution to the problem of desertification caused by bush encroachment.