Business remains top priority

Natasja Beyleveld is the Managing Director of NaMedia, a local media monitoring company.NaMedia’s data analysis of media coverage and trends for the period January to December 2013 confirms the popular notion that business coverage is still one of the main media priorities across all media platforms.
Media dedicated 36% of the general agenda to business issues, 8% to politics and economy, and 12% to sport. During 2013, sport received more coverage than politics, economics and crime with the latter making up only 9% of the national agenda.
“Gone are the days where international headlines dominate Namibian media content, with only 3% of our national agenda dedicated to foreign affairs” said NaMedia’s Managing Director, Natasja Beyleveld.
Beyleveld was officially recognised for her pioneering work in media monitoring when she won the Young Businesswoman of the Year award.