Chiefs support anti-tribalism campaign

Two traditional leaders have welcomed the campaign against tribalism that will kick off later this year, initiated by Kunene Regional Governor Marius Sheya.

In an interview with New Era the chief of Dauredaman Traditional Authority, Sakarias Seibeb, embraced the campaign that will be led by Sheya called, 'I am a proud Namibian', as tribalism can create conflict as has been the case in numerous African countries where hundreds of thousands have lost their lives to it.

We are totally against tribalism as we are living together in our communities. Our children are born from inter-marriages of different tribes so we must never allow tribalism, said the chief, who added that the tribalism scourge hampers development as it brings conflict.

We want a stronger economy and we must never allow tribalism, Seibeb said.

#Aodaman Traditional Authority chief Petrus Ukongo said his authority is against tribalism and as such it supports the initiative by Sheya. We are fully behind this campaign. Once we get information we will engage more in that campaign, as we are all behind getting rid of tribalism, Ukongo told New Era.

He suggested that where there are many tribes it is a challenge, but communities must embrace unity. Ukongo also called for job, tender and housing allocations to be offered on an equal basis and that tribe should not be used as the basis on which to allocate jobs, houses and government tenders.

Sheya will launch the campaign either in August or September and it will run for a year.

He says he wants to celebrate the diversity of the people of Kunene and also boost patriotism.

According to a Nampa report, Sheya said the main target would be pupils and youth, as well as to ensure the involvement of all sectors of society such as government institutions, churches and traditional authorities.

The campaign will be taken to all seven constituencies in Kunene where public lectures, debates, drama performance by pupils and youth groups, traditional storytelling and workshops will take place.

Said Sheya: I was born and bred in this region, and it pains me to see the recent change of behaviour in our people. You even find youngsters insulting elders.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia