Councillors make way for younger candidates

Ongwediva: Four constituency councillors in Omusati Region have decided to make way for more energetic and youthful leaders in their constituencies. The long-serving councillors, who have indicated their willingness to make way for younger leaders, are: Bernardinus Shekutamba for Etayi, Nangolo Mutota for Tsandi, Elizabeth Mwanyangapo for Okalongo and Tataati Shileka for Outapi constituencies.

The Councillor for Etayi, Shekutamba,said he wants to pave the way for the young ones to continue where he left off. Shekutaamba was the first elected councillor of Etayi and is one of its founders, following its demarcation in


He said he has achieved a lot in his constituency, especially when the community helped to build eight outreach clinics with his support. “All eight clinics in my constituency were built by members of the community and now the government is busy upgrading them to healthcentres with nursing homes,” the councillor said. He also mentioned that all 14 schools in his constituency are electrified, both at junior and secondary school levels. Shekuutamba further said most of the people in his constituency have access to clean water.

Etayi is an electoral constituency in the Omusati Region. It has approximately 35 000 inhabitants and its district capital is the settlement of Etayi. The constituency consists of the settlements of Iipandayamiti, Onheheke, Onheleiwa, Otindi, Ekangolinene, Oshivanda, Onamhindi, Omutundungu, Olupandu, Onampira, Oshipya, and Oikokola. Mutota of Tsandi Constituency was elected as councillor in 2010. He became the second councillor for Tsandi, after he succeeded Leevi Katoma, now a backbencher in the National Assembly.

Mutota said he has done his duty and has decided to hand power to a younger and more energetic councillor. He said he has achieved a lot, because around ten schools in his constituency are now electrified. “Tsandi hospital is upgraded. Tsandi has become a village town and some areas are also electrified,” he said. The councilor said though that many residents in his constituency are still drinking dirty water, because the rural water supply system is ineffective.

Okalongo Councillor Elizabeth Mwanyangapo, the first woman councillor in Okalongo, said she has achieved what she wanted to and served the community to the best of her ability. She said her first target was road construction in the area and to make sure all 31 schools in the constituency are connected to gravel roads.

Mwanyangapo noted that 23 schools in her constituency are now electrified, with eight schools still remaining without power. She said she is more than willing to hand the reins over to the next elected councillor to continue where she left off. Tataati Shileka of Outapi was not available for comment this week, as her mobile phone went unanswered.