Court Denies Fugitive Bail

Windhoek — Victor Hamauta wanted on more than one warrant of arrest for failing to attend court after he was released on bail tried his luck one time too many.

After he was arrested on yet another housebreaking charge in Otjiwarongo, while out on bail on a similar charge in Katutura, Prosecutor Samantha Diergaardt strongly objected to bail for Hamauta. The prosecutor described Hamauta as a flight risk.

Hamauta this time made a first appearance on a charge of housebreaking with intent to rob and robbery. It is alleged that he broke into a house in Windhoek on February 13 this year and fired a shot at the owner of the house with a pistol whereafter he robbed the owner, Alain Lendentec. He then fled to Otjiwarongo where he was apprehended in the act of another housebreaking.

Diergaardt informed Magistrate Jermaine Muchali Muchali that Hamauta is wanted on other warrants of arrest, including in the Katutura and the Omaruru magistrates’ courts. She said all of them are for housebreaking offences. Diergaardt further asked Muchali to detain Hamauta in the Windhoek Central Prison for security reasons to which Hamauta objected strenuously. “I am not guilty in this matter, so why should I be sent to prison? I also want bail, because I am accused of something I did not do.” However, Diergaardt insisted that security measures at the Windhoek Central Prison are much more stringent, which will make it difficult for Hamauta to escape. Muchali Muchali however declined the application saying insufficient reasons were forwarded to warrant such an order.

He remanded the matter to May 15 for further investigation and ordered that Hamauta be detained at the Windhoek Police Station. Muchali Muchali also informed Hamauta that he could file a formal bail application. After Hamauta was informed of the charges against him, he indicated to the court that he would conduct his own defence.