Decentralisation cannot be overemphasised: Klazen

Deputy Minister for Urban and Rural Development Derek Klazen ) said on Friday decentralisation cannot be overemphasised during the two days meeting that ended here on Friday.

Acting Executive Director Evans Maswahu of MURN read the closing remarks on behalf of the Deputy Minister said that the urgency of the meeting was confirmed to be necessary and fruitful during the deliberation.

The two-day meeting was aimed at empowering sub-national government by transferring certain functions, decision making powers along with related resources from central government to sub-national government level.

Klazen added that the better Namibia as a wish to be seen in future depends on what we do as such and determine the future in this respect.

Namibia has chosen decentralisation as a vehicle to realise the future need in terms of development and service delivery he said.

Deputy further added that both the central government Ministries and Regional Councils need to hold hands through decentralisation journey.

Klazen singled out the approach adopted by the Ministry of Land Reform in terms of its engagement and cooperation with Regional Councils (RC) and other Ministries should emulate such good practices.

This platform is important, both RC and line Ministries should not wait for a forum meeting to discuss or raise issues that may be hampering operation s Deputy said.

He encouraged pro-activity from both government and other stakeholders to identify which areas have to be improved.

The first Decentralisation Consultative Forum was held in Windhoek on 27 March 2018

Source: Namibia Press Agency