Democracy has taken root

“As [U.S.] President Barack Obama said: ‘Namibia is a country where democracy has taken root,’” U.S. Ambassador to Namibia Thomas Daughton noted after visiting a number of polling stations in Katutura East Constituency on November 27 to observe how Namibian voters participate in the regional council and local government elections. Daughton said during his visit he saw short queues and a smooth and efficient voting process. “The process has become efficient,” he said, in reference to the Electronic Voting Machines, first introduced during the Presidential and National Assembly Elections last year. In the photo Ambassador Daughton (centre) shakes hands with 30-year-old Edien Basson, while Basson’s cousin, Jerome Davids (left), looks on, shortly after the two cast their votes at the Jan Jonker High School polling station in Katutura East.