‘Desert Jewels’ shoot up in world rankings

Following their great performance in the recently concluded Debmarine Namibia Senior Netball Pent Series, the Namibian senior netball team, the 'Desert Jewels', have climbed the ladder in world rankings.

The resurgent Desert Jewels improved their position with a tally of eight places from 36th to a modest 28th on the latest world rankings of the International Netball Federation (INF) website issued on the 30th of last month certainly a remarkable feat.

Netball Namibia administrator and former Black Africa net buster, Rebecca Goagoses-Nekundi, expressed satisfaction with the team's rapid progress on the world stage after the new-look Namibian side brushed their opponents aside in the Southern African mini tournament, to be deservedly crowned champions.

This is a massive improvement and we should applaud the girls and the technical staff for a job well done. This is a clear demonstration that regular participation at high-profile international competitions will serve as a welcome boost for the team's overall progress.

Goagoses-Nekundi also took the opportunity to thank title sponsor Debmarine Namibia, which made it possible for the senior netball team to participate through their financial injection. We would also like to thank NamPower for their generous assistance that helped the team's preparations going into the Pent Series. Nevertheless, hard work starts now as we prepare the senior team for the upcoming African Championship in Lusaka, Zambia, next month.

Goagoses-Nekundi added that it's of utmost importance for Namibia to maintain its current ranking, obviously with an eye for improvement.

This basically means the team must continuously compete at international level henceforth, we are calling on the corporate world to support the team in her quest to qualify for next year's World Championship in Liverpool, England, urges the retired sharp shooter.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia