Drugs worth N.dollars 8.2 Million confiscated in November

Illicit drugs with an estimated street value of N. dollars 8 174 647 were confiscated during the period of 1 to 30 November, police have said.

I a report issued on Monday, during the period under review, the police have also arrested a total of 80 suspects in connection with the drugs confiscated.

The confiscated drugs include cannabis (804.0267 kilograms) with street value of N.dollars 8 040 267, Mandrax (618 tablets) with street value of N. dollars 74 180, cocaine powder (90 grams) with street value of N.dollars 45 000 and crack cocaine (152 units) with a value of N.dollars 15 200.

A total of 63 Namibians, six Angolans, three from Burundi, three Tanzanians, three Congolese, a South African and a Kenyan, were arrested.

Source: Namibia Press Agency