ECN can print paper trail, if ordered: Mujoro

Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) chief electoral and referenda officer Theo Mujoro said, the commission will print the paper trail if asked by a competent court of law in case election results are disputed.

Mujoro made these remarks during a media briefing on the Technical Session of Namibia Electoral Process that took place on Thursday at a local hotel in Windhoek.

He said people are just panicking for no reason and spread untruth stories that the Electronic Voting Machine cannot be trusted, thus they are demanding for ECN to print paper trail for them to trust the process which it is not necessary, but the commission will do so if it is ordered the court of law in case political parties and their supporters approach the court disputing the results.

Any competent court of law can order ECN to produce the paper trail, the court can order that and we will print those paper trail. But only if we are requested to do so by the court of law, it won't make sense to print paper trail while at the same time using EVMs, Said Mujoro.

He also referred to political parties who refused to sign the code of conduct few weeks ago that they hijacked the moment and they were being unfair, because the code of conduct is something they should have known a long time ago as it was gazette by government on 17 September 1992.

The code of conduct is signed every time when there is elections, so those parties who refused to sign it were being unfair, they hijacked the moment and turned it into a campaigning moment, said Mujoro.

He further cautioned the public not pay too much attention on social media during elections, because social media does not really reflect what is on the ground, but rather people should stick to their traditional radios and other media for up dates.

Source: Namibia Press Agency