EDs for Sport and Justice ministries appointed

The Office of the Prime Minister has appointed Audrin Mathe and Gladice Pickering as the new executive directors for the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service and Ministry of Justice respectively.

Mathe and Pickering’s appointments will run on a fixed contract of five years – the former’s effective from 01 November 2020 and the latter’s, from 01 January 2021.

The prime minister appointed the executive directors on the recommendation of the Public Commission as per the legal provisions, a Wednesday statement by Cabinet Secretary George Simataa said.

“The new ED for Sport, Youth and National Service, Mathe, will bring to the ministry a wealth of experience in management and governance acquired during many years of serving at senior and executive levels in both the private and public sectors,” noted the statement.

It said Pickering is an admitted legal practitioner, who has served as deputy executive director, and was deputy chief of legal services at the same ministry.

Source: Namibia Press Agency