EFN launches 2019 Journalism Awards

Editors' Forum of Namibia (EFN) in collaboration with Namibia Media Trust, First National Bank and Ohlthaver and List Group have on Tuesday launched the journalism awards in Windhoek.

EFN chairperson Joseph Ailonga said, the awards are launched with a specific purpose of encouraging journalists to practice quality journalism which contribute to good governance and democracy, because without democracy media will crash out and, which is bad for the society.

We are going to award quality journalism and discourage journalists from fake news, because over the years, we have been receiving mixed feelings from the public saying that the media have lost its quality. Said Ailonga.

Namibia Media Trust Executive Director Gwen Lister who also attended the occasion said, good journalism needs to be supported to educate the society because media helps in building democracy.

I would like to thank all stallholders involved in bringing back the awards, good journalism needs to be support to educate the society and this is going to encourage quality journalism. We need media democracy to avoid fake news, propaganda and so on without media democracy, journalism will be suppressed, said Lister.

The awards will have ten categories including the journalist of the year on 18 September this year. Last time the journalism awards were held was in 2006 under the Media Institute of Southern Africa.

Source: Namibia Press Agency