Environmentalists Campaign Against ‘Naked and Afraid’

THE American reality television series ‘Naked and Afraid’, which recently filmed an episode in Namibia, has been critcised by environmentalists.

In reaction to a scene showing contestants killing and eating a nest of birds, an online campaign titled ‘Stop Animal Cruelty On Naked And Afraid’ has been started.

Located on causes.com, the campaign has so far drawn 2,380 supporters. It states that the show is “promoting cruel acts and killing for entertainment and TV ratings”.

Focused on the episode filmed in Namibia, titled ‘Primal Fear’, the campaign is extremely critical of one scene where the two contestants discover a birds nest. In the scene, Luke McLaughlin and Lindsey Leitet, are searching for food when they discover a nest containing five Hamerkop Scopus Umbretta chicks. They then proceed to kill and eat the birds.

Speaking to The Namibian, both contestants defended their actions. McLaughlin said, “the population of Hamerkops is at a ‘least critical’ standing. In no way did our actions endanger the overall population.” Leitet also maintained their consideration for the animals, “we were as quick and humane as possible in killing them,” she said.

Although there has been concern within Namibia, voiced by Liz Komen from Namibia Animal Rehabilitation Research and Education Centre (Narrec), the campaign was started by Pat Latas, a Veterinarian from the United States.

He claimed that on the show, “brutality is portrayed as acceptable behaviour, couched in the cloak of survival skills.”

Although the campaign’s major criticism is focused on the episode filmed in Namibia, they are petitioning the production companies behind the show, Discovery Communications Inc and Renegade 83 Inc.

Frustrated by the campaign, Lindsey Leitet said, “there are much larger corporations and countries we should be petitioning about.”

Source : The Namibian