Epatululo mass killing suspect in dramatic court appearance

The magistrate's Court at Helao Nafidi Town on Thursday postponed the case of Sam Nauyoma Petrus, who is accused of mass killing occurred at Epatululo village in the Ohangwena Region on Tuesday, to Monday.

Petrus was in a confused state and Police officers have to curry him into the dock. Magistrate Ilge Rheent postponed the case to Monday for Petrus to be taken to the hospital for mental observation.

Petrus, 26, remained laying on the dock bench, without responding to the call for him to stand up, during his brief appearance.

He is charged with three counts of murder, attempted murder and eight counts of malicious damage to property for allegedly hacking to death his mother, brother, a niece of one year, seven goats and a dog around 06h00 at the said village on Tuesday.

He was arrested in the nearby vicinity a few hours after committing the offense. His victims are identified as his mother Vilgenia Teofelus, 61, brother Simon Petrus, 30, and a toddler Ndapandula Hafeni.

The third victim, another minor and also Petrus' niece, survived with severe injuries and is admitted to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital in the Oshana Region.

Public prosecutor Elphins Maloboka appeared for the State.

Source: Namibia Press Agency