Five learners interrogated over dagga

Five pupils at Khorixas were yesterday questioned by the local police after they were suspected of having smoked cannabis around 07h00 next to low-cost houses at the town.

The pupils are in Grades 8 and 9 at Cornelius Goreseb High School. Their ages range from 15 to 18.

The pupils were found by warrant officer Cansen Kaizuma while he was on his way to work while they were sitting next to a house. We did not found cannabis on them but detected they smoked cannabis, Khorixas Station Commander Inspector Hiskia Nuuyoma told New Era. Pupils refused to say weather they bought and smoked dagga but when New Era visited the police station, they were standing with their parents in the corridor before they were taken into a room for questioning. Nuuyoma said the community must bear in mind that they are responsible for their children and that discipline comes from home, this should not be seen as the sole responsibility of schools or the police.

Parents must work hand in hand with schools and police come in later. Every individual who suspect someone sells prohibited drugs, must inform the police as this (drugs) destroy lives of the future generation, Nuuyoma advised.

Those who sell prohibited drugs were warned to desist from doing so.

I don't think they will sell drugs to their children, Nuuyoma said.

Parents were asked to take full responsibility of their children and also ensure children attend school.

One of the parents of the pupil suspected of having smoking cannabis yesterday was overheard saying she took her son to school every morning, to ensure that he is at school before she goes to work.

Spots such as Club India, mountainous area of New Temple Church, Anmire, business area next to #Aodaman Traditional Authority and !Gaos at Khorixas, are some of the areas were cannabis is widely used, and those who pass through such areas can easily smell dagga smoke.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia