FlyWestair launches Windhoek-Oranjemund flights

FlyWestair officially inaugurated its flights between Windhoek and Oranjemund, scheduled to depart between the Eros and Oranjemund airports three times a week.

Launching Westair Aviation's Chief Executive Officer Henry said during the launch, the airline saw the potential tourism has as well as other investment opportunities available in the town since it opened in 2017, as well as the need to reduce travelling time to the town.

The mining town was closed to the public for 81 years, unless they had a security clearance to enter it, until it was opened in October 2017.

Oranjemund Mayor, Henry Coetzee said the flights would reduce travel time to the town and serve as a linkage to the country.

It is also an opportunity for the town to promote itself as a business hub and tourist destination.

'In these unfavourable economic conditions, it evident that the world is being carried through by service industries and air transport is at the heart of this economic drive as it creates employment, facilitates trade and enables movement of people and goods in terms of tourism and supports sustainable development,' he said.

The aviation company plans to launch routes to Cape Town (via Oranjemund and Windhoek), Walvis Bay and Johannesburg, in addition to the Windhoek-Ondangwa route which was launched earlier this month.

Source: Namibia Press Agency