Four arrested with cannabis of N.dollars 320 000 in ||Kharas

Police in the ||Kharas Region has arrested four people with drugs worth N.dollars 319 550 during Stage two of the State of Emergency.

This was revealed by Namibian Police Force crime investigations coordinator for ||Kharas, Deputy Commissioner Chrispin Mubebo during a press conference here on Wednesday.

He said the four people include three Namibians and one South African National, adding that three other Namibians were arrested last weekend for being in possession of cannabis of which the value is still to be determined.

‘We arrested one Namibians male with 249 packets of 20 per pack of Sahawi cigarettes and he was charged with dealing in illicit tobacco products,’ added Mubebo.

He said last week Friday police raided a house in the Tseiblaagte residential area were police confiscated alcohol worth N.dollars 120 000 and two people were fined for contravening regulation 7 of the State of the Emergency regulations.

Further Mubebo said in total 19 people were issued with fines for contravening the same regulation and the fines amounts to N.dollars 38 000.

Three people were fined for obstructing law enforcement agencies from executing their duties and those fines amount to N.dollars 6000, two people were fined for overloading while two others were fined for not wearing masks in a public place and this fines amount to N.dollars 8 000.

‘Two people were also fined for contravening regulation five, which prohibits the gathering of more than 10 people, this gathering regulation remain a challenge as people do not want to adhere to it especially at funerals, but people should understand that this is for their own safety,’ he stressed.

He went on to say that three South African nationals were arrested for crossing through the Orange river illegally at Noordoewer to buy tobacco and other commodities.

‘One of the person used a canoe to cross the river while the other two just walked through the river, the three are now quarantine at facilities in Karasburg and detained on Warrant of detention,’ said Mubebo.

The stage two of the State of emergency started on 05 May and runs until 02 June 2020.

Source: Namibia Press Agency