Geingob advises Namibians to go for regular cancer screenings

WINDHOEK: Prime Minister Hage Geingob has called on all Namibians to join hands in the fight against cancer by going for regular screening, sticking to a healthy diet, being physically active and managing their weight.

In a message to commemorate World Cancer Day 2014 on Tuesday, Geingob noted that it is a day for all Namibians to raise their collective voices in order to create awareness and improve general knowledge around cancer.

“As a survivor of prostate cancer, I would like to inform all Namibians that cancer has and continues to devastate people’s lives and destroy people’s hopes and aspirations. This is why it is crucial to stop cancer in its tracks before it spreads. Screening is paramount in our battle against cancer since early detection is the key to surviving cancer,” he said in a media statement.

Prostate cancer differs from most other cancers in the body because small areas of cancer within the prostate are very common and may stay dormant for many years.

In a small proportion of men, prostate cancer does grow more quickly and in some cases may spread to other parts of the body, particularly the bones.

Geingob said he was able to survive cancer because he adhered to a regime of regular consultation and screening by his doctors. This allowed them to detect the cancer in its early stages and therefore treat it before it spread.

“We are well aware now that cancer is hereditary. There should be no stigma associated with cancer since it is a disease which knows no race, age, social status or religion,” he added.