Geingob lauds Swapo’s track record

President Hage Geingob has requested on the Namibian nation to give the Swapo government another chance to rule for another term, as it is the only party which has a proven track record.

Geingob who was speaking during the Swapo Party's star rally in the Erongo Region here on Saturday lauded that the party with its proven governance track record, is the only party able to formulate, promote and implement policies that will guarantee Inclusive Development and Shared Prosperity in Namibia.

The SWAPO Party Government is tested, that is why we enter the campaign, based on our performance. We have a track record spanning 29 years, in which we have delivered tangible results in the areas of governance, macroeconomic performance and socio-economic development.

We can never tire of lauding our Governance Architecture and the resultant peace, unity, adherence to rule of law and stability, Geingob said.

Geingob ensured that the party does not make empty promises and never exaggerates its achievements.

We are realistic, we point out where we have excelled and admit where we have fallen short and need to improve.

Case in point is the large wage bill as pointed out in my State of the Nation address earlier this year, which has increased and become, rightly so, an issue of concern to all of us and I am on record having stated that it needs to be addressed, he said.

The president noted that the party believes that it can do more with less during the current economic environment.

The ruling party leader also emphasised how the party has delivered a government for the people, by the people and highlighted the recently concluded Town Hall meetings, where it visited all 14 Regions as one of these illustrations.

According to him, approximately 19,000 Namibians participated in 101 hours of dialogue, where the ruling-party led government gave account to its Bosses, the ultimate Sovereigns.

In total we received 1,083 questions and proposals from the regions and we intend to respond to all the issues raised.

Give Swapo another five years, to maintain peace, unity and stability, to weather economic headwinds and to safeguard the sovereignty of Namibia as well as to finish the work already started to expand the horizons for inclusive development and shared prosperity.

Source: Namibia Press Agency