Gobabis making progress on mass-housing scheme


The Gobabis Municipality has already set aside land for the construction of close to 400 houses as part of the national mass-housing project here.

Speaking to Nampa on Thursday, Gobabis Mayor Sila Bezuidenhoudt said the bulk of these houses – 250 housing units – will be low-cost houses to be constructed in Epako.

“I am very pleased with the progress made so far. Housing is something that cannot be delayed as it is a basic necessity. The municipality has taken this in consideration by availing land for the purpose of the mass-housing scheme,” she said.

The mayor said other houses will be constructed in more affluent suburbs of the town, and shall mainly cater for the middle- to high-income groups.

The government’s mass-housing project aims to build 185 000 houses by 2030 at a cost of N.dollars 45 billion.

Government has already allocated N.dollars 1.9 billion to the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development during the current financial year to implement the mass-housing programme. It plans to build about 9 000 houses at a cost of N.dollars 2.7 billion in the next 15 months.

The Gobabis Municipality has already entered into agreements with two of the country’s most prominent low-cost housing initiatives, the Shack Dwellers’ Federation of Namibia (SDFN) and the Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG), for the construction of low-cost housing in this town to ease the pressing need for housing at the town.

Under the agreement, the municipality provides the land on which the houses will be constructed, with the NHAG providing technical support in the form of training in brick-making and building for the beneficiaries.

The SDFN is responsible for mobilisation and education campaigns to ensure the initiative is understood by its beneficiaries.

The SDFN is also the custodian of a savings scheme aimed at providing low-income earners with the means to buy their own houses.