Govt. principals should role up their sleeves: Namwandi

WINDHOEK: Principals of poor-performing schools will be demoted if they do not perform above standard, the Minister of Education said here on Tuesday.

Dr David Namwandi issued the warning when he addressed principals from Khomas regional government schools whose learners did not fare well in the 2013 national Higher and Ordinary level examinations.

The minister said during the meeting held at the Government Auditorium that one of his options is to give other professionals the opportunity to lead schools to ensure that quality teaching and learning take place.

“The principal is the head, the leader, the one who sets and manipulates the playing field, therefore you are responsible,” he stressed.

Another option, he said, is to extend a helping hand.

Thus, a series of workshops will be arranged for principals of best-performing schools to share their experiences and examples of best practices with principals of poor-performing schools, said Namwandi.

“It is compulsory that you, the principals of poor-performing schools in the capital, attend these events to learn lessons and put them to good use,” he noted.

He also urged principals to discipline teachers at their respective schools and to persuade these teachers to work extra hours to obtain better results in the future.

Namwandi added that principals should seriously examine and develop strategies to improve the standards of their schools and teachers.

“The regional education office is ready to assist, the expertise is available, try to use it to your benefit,” he noted.

Furthermore, the minister gave the principals four directives to follow to efficiently build their schools.

Firstly, they must operate their schools differently from the way they operated last year, and secondly, they must serve learners, parents, teachers and the public at large well.

Thirdly, principals must maximise their time on school-related tasks, and fourthly, they must ensure that learners, teachers and principals communicate with each other.

“Give the Namibian child his and her dues – quality education,” he urged.