GPTF commits over N.dollars 5 million on activities during 2018/19 financial year

The Game Products Trust Fund committed an amount of N.dollars 5 581 858.25 on activities during the 2018/19 financial year, the recently released Environmental Investment Fund 2018/19 annual report indicates.

GPTF spent an amount of N.dollars 2.5 million on repairing of Ministry of Environment and Tourism vehicles and heavy machines used for critical work in Etosha National Park, North-East Parks and other parks and regions with high-value species.

Testing material to the tune of N.dollars 66 137.50 for the Central Veterinary Lab (CVL) as per quotations of CVL were purchased, the report reads.

“The ministerial house in Khorixas was renovated at an amount of N.dollars 335 720.75 and erection and purchase of materials for the implantation of the plastic bags ban in national parks amount to N.dollars 180 000. The purchase of diesel for heavy equipment in Etosha National Park amounted to N.dollars 500 000,” it reads.

Purchase of rations for the police anti-poaching teams in Etosha National Park, Palmwag Tourism Concession Area and Bwabwata National Park cost N.dollars 1 500 000, it added.

Sponsorship of flight tickets and daily subsistence allowance for the attendance of the Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club annual conventions in the United States of America to mobilise resources for the fund amounted to N.dollars 500 000.

“GPTF’s role has become more important than ever. It has stepped in and filled the void that has been left by a lack of funding from Government. It is thus imperative that it is supported and strengthened for it to achieve its goals of providing funding for wildlife management and protection to promote the co-existence of people and wildlife,” the report reads.

GPTF was established by the Game Products Trust Fund Act, 1997 (Act 7 of 1997).

“This Act provides for the establishment of the GPTF in support of the conservation and management of wildlife resources, and of rural development in Namibia, and provides for the management and control of that fund by the Game Products Trust Fund Board,” reads the report.

Source: Namibia Press Agency