‘Healers’ must prove their worth by securing jail release

A number of fake healers have been arrested recently in Windhoek. A great number of them are foreigners � mostly from Uganda.

For way too long, many of them have been promising that they cure HIV/AIDS, help restore lost love, winning of lotteries and help people win court cases. These so-called healers are now having court cases of their own and have the perfect opportunity to show the nation � and indeed the world � that they can help solve court cases.

The notion that healers cannot heal themselves is as old as time. It's a lazy excuse for lies being used to dupe people into this siphoning exercise. Those who live by the sword must die by the sword and these healers are a perfect example of this old saying.

The Namibian police and Windhoek City police must be commended for their clean-up operations against these fake healers. Namibians, desperate to secure marriages, protect their relationship or secure jobs, have for way too long paid the price of these healers' fake promises.

We must not stop there. Let's go and hunt them down until the last fake healer is smoked out of his or her comfort zone. No stone should be left unturned. Namibian cannot become a fake healer's den.

To make matters worse, these so-called healers don't even pay a cent to the taxman from the money they steal from desperate, and sometimes destitute, Namibians.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia