High number of rape cases recorded in Oshikoto

Omuthiya-Ninety-five rape cases were recorded from January to December last year in Oshikoto Region, a figure that has alarmed the police regional commander Commissioner Anna-Marie Nainda.

Nainda vowed that the police would leave no stone unturned to search and apprehend suspects who have made themselves guilty of rape, specifically those who defile minor children.

She stated that most of the rape victims are minors aged six to sixteen years who are left in the care of elders who ironically resort to raping them.

"The raping of minor children has become an issue of great concern in the region. Elders in the society are regarded as protectors of children as they are bestowed with the responsibility of directing and advising children on various aspects of life, but it turns out that this is not the case in Oshikoto as the children who are supposed to be safe and secure are victimised. The suspects are always between 18 and 72 years of age - this is very sad and frustrating news which spreads fear among the community," said a dismayed Nainda.

She however advised the public to embrace a sense of love, and respect the dignity of children, citing that victims normally suffer from severe impacts that include fear, anger, guilt, shame and lack of control. In the same vein she urged parents of rape victims to always seek help from psychologists and social workers.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia