It is time for Elemotho to tour

“I want to show that wealth is not in material things or being beautiful, but in the heart”, the son of the Kalahari Elemotho seeks to spread the sound of the Kalahari to ears across the African continent and beyond.Namibian singer, songwriter and guitarist Elemotho is the artist to look out for in 2013. This week the Economist caught up with the music maestro and got more insight in to the preparations of his world tour. One can’t help but get a feel of the excitement that the son of the Kalahari is feeling. As we sat down, one could see he was itching to tell about his upcoming Ke nako, ‘Its time’ tour where he will embark on a promotional Tour of 24 countries, 30 shows in three months, putting Namibian music not only the the African map but the world map.
He will be performing from East to West Africa as well as Southern Africa, and will also have  a special concert in the French capital, Paris. He feels the tour is a huge thing not only for him as an individual or his band but for Namibia as whole. “Namibia is being put on the map and Africa and the world’s eyes will be open to Namibian culture. Performing 30 shows is higher than any award” he said.