IUM says NSFAF-funded students will write November exams

The International University of Management (IUM) will ensure that students sponsored by Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) whose accounts happen to have outstanding balance sit for November 2019 examination.

This was confirmed to Nampa on Monday by Director of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations at IUM Gerry Munyama, after the two institutions reached an agreement in a meeting held on Monday at IUM following an internal memorandum issued on Friday to all campus directors stating that 'No student shall be allowed to sit for examination with an outstanding balance on their account.

The memo further said sponsored students must consult their sponsors where accounts are still outstanding, no exception will be made', read the memorandum.

This prompted IUM Student Representative Council (SRC) to approach NSFAF on Friday demanding the position of the institution on the matter.

Speaking to Nampa on Friday after the SRC and NSFAF meeting, NSFAF Chief Executive Officer Kennedy Kandume said there is a meeting scheduled for Monday (28 October) where issues surrounding students' payment will be discussed at IUM.

In a telephonic interview on Monday, Munyama told Nampa IUM has briefly met with NSFAF officials this morning to discuss the way forward about the affected students saying 'I can tell you there is a commitment whereby NSFAF promised to officially communicate to us during the course of this week so that no student is left out'.

Munyama added that students' sponsorship agreement is an agreement between an individual student and the sponsoring institution such as NSFAF saying NSFAF has processed over 80 per cent of the student tuition fee.

Meanwhile, Kandume told Nampa they have reaffirmed their commitment with IUM whereby all NSFAF funded students will be allowed to sit for November examinations.

The students must rest assured that we are busy processing their tuition fees. There is no way we will not fulfil our duty to process their funds and have their accounts cleared, however there might be those few individuals with issues such as a student who failed, requires NSFAF to reactivate their loans and it takes time to complete, he said.

The IUM examinations are set for 4 to 29 November 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency