Jauch is fighting a noble cause

Herbert Jauch's fight for the Shoprite-Checkers workers is brave. The fact that government is folding its hands, yet bemoan lack of job opportunities in the country, is conflicting. For a white man to take it upon himself to fight for the cause of blacks while our black leaders look on idly is painful to fathom. Where is Erkki Nghimtina in all this? He is the elected official mandated to protect the rights and jobs of citizens, but he hasn't been active since joining the ministry of labour. His deputy has equally disappeared and is never seen or heard pronouncing himself on anything � especially at a time when Namibian workers are exploited and fired at will. The so-called unions in the country cannot even help the Shoprite workers. Let's see if Zephania Kameeta, to whom Jauch wrote a letter this week, cares about poverty eradication by helping these desperate compatriots.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia