Kandjimi re-elected as Nkurenkuru mayor

Erastus Kandjimi was on Friday re-elected as the mayor of Nkurenkuru in the Kavango West Region.

His deputy, Katrina Hamukwaya, was re-elected along with Bernadine Haukwambi, who retained her position as Chairperson of the Management Committee accompanied by Reini Haruwodi and Angelius Liveve who forms part of the management committee.

Wandi Pashu and Olavi Aludilu Iihemba ae ordinary council members.

In his acceptance speech availed to the media on Monday, Kandjimi acknowledges the trust his fellow councillors had bestowed in him for re-electing him as the mayor of the town and applauded the other councillors who retained their positions encouraging them to continue serving the people of Nkurenkuru.

I would like to congratulate all honourable councillors of this town as a result of their distinguished years of services as members of the Nkurenkuru Town Council. If you know them well, you will understand how pleased we at the council feel at the contributions they have made, remarked Kandjimi.

He said for him continuing his new term as the mayor of the town, it is an honor and equally humbling experience to accept his re-election.

Kandjimi further stressed the town's achievements which he said cannot be measured by the quality of speeches they make, but by the vigor, they put in to resolve and improve the lives of the masses that have sent them there.

I'm sure that this is not necessarily a moment to celebrate, but a moment to gather more strength and drive in preparation to continue in our journey to deliver on our mandate of a better life for all, stressed the mayor.

This year, the council has made tremendous achievements which include the electrification of Kahenge Proper Phase 1, construction of municipal services at Nkurenkuru extension 3 phase 2 with sewer and roads currently being constructed as well as the construction of the Nkurenkuru emergency and fire station which was handed over in November.

In addition, the council managed to get a ministerial approval on a joint venture agreement with the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) for the servicing of Nkurenkuru Extension 6 as well as the construction of 81 affordable houses by a private developer at Nkurenkuru Extension 2 whereby 44 houses were constructed and 19 of the houses being handed over to its beneficiaries to mention but a few.

Source: Namibia Press Agency