Khorixas Town Council fines business for illegal sand mining

Khorixas Town Council (KTC) has charged a bottle store management of Benny's Inn' the Maxis location at the towon N.dollars 2 800 for illegal sand mining on several occasions on Wednesday.

This was not the first time that the management and workers were caught by the council transporting building sand without the councils consent, Strategic Executive Officer at the council, Rallius //Gowaseb said today.

We are very concern about illegal sand mining. This business owners or management could have paid for the sand so that the council could deliver it for them but instead they decided to load the sand on their own and in late hours of the night. We warned them before about illegal sand mining but they did not take us seriously, he said.

Gowaseb added that the owners were warned and charged N.dollars 800 when they were caught the first time m and charged N.dollars 2 000 when they were caught on Wednesday.

The manager of the shop only identified as Abel, said that journalist that wrote about illegal sand mining has opened eyes of the town council claiming that they usually take sand from anywhere as they like.

It is because of you that we are charged. You people are very stupid. I will fuck you up if I see you around our shop one day. The sand that we loaded does not belong to your mother or you. Why do you people always stick your noses were it does not belong. I will hurt you, 'Voetsek'. Find yourself a better job to do, he said.

Last month the chief executive officer of KTC, Andreas Howoseb told Nampa upon inquiry, that that the council will be imposing stiffer fines for illegal sand mining inside the boundaries of the town after incidents of illegal sand mining were report at the council.

Harvesting without the consent of the council is illegal and anyone found gathering sand without approval would be charged an extra N$800 on top of the council tariffs for sand mining, he said.

The council will thus engage the community on the importance of sand and the dangers that uncontrolled sand mining has on the environment.

Source: Namibia Press Agency