Killer to Wait for Verdict On Second Charge

AN ELECTRICIAN who has admitted that he murdered his girlfriend in a knife attack at Rosh Pinah in February 2012 is due to hear in March next year if he has also been convicted of attempted murder.

Judge Alfred Siboleka reserved his judgement on the attempted murder charge on which Petrus Friedel Frederick (38) is standing trial in the Windhoek High Court after he heard closing arguments on that count from State aocate Simba Nduna and defence lawyer Mese Tjituri on Monday. Since he will be on a period of long leave for the rest of the year, Judge Siboleka scheduled the delivery of his verdict for 31 March 2015.

Frederick pleaded guilty to a murder charge, but not guilty to a count of attempted murder, at the start of his trial on Tuesday last week.

He admitted that he murdered his girlfriend, Bonaventura Skeyer (31), at Rosh Pinah, where he was working as an electrician, on 26 February 2012. He killed Skeyer by stabbing her as many as 27 times with two kitchen knives, Frederick stated in a plea explanation provided to the court.

He said he and Skeyer had been involved in a relationship for about five years by the time that he killed her. He murdered Skeyer because he suspected that she had a relationship with another man, Frederick said.

He related that a quarrel erupted between him and Skeyer when he wanted to know from her where she had been the previous night, since she did not spend the night at her residence. He further stated: “The argument got out of hand and I grabbed kitchen knives and proceeded to attack her by stabbing her all over her body.”

Frederick admitted that he intended to kill Skeyer when he stabbed her. He also stabbed himself after he had killed her.

Nduna argued on Monday that when Frederick assaulted the then 20-year-old Rachid Klukowski at Rosh Pinah on 3 December 2011, leaving him with life-threatening injuries that resulted in a three-week stay in hospital, he must have foreseen the possibility that he could cause Klukowski’s death, but did not care if that would be the result. He asked Judge Siboleka to convict Frederick of attempted murder in connection with the assault on Klukowski.

Tjituri argued that Frederick should be found guilty of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, on which he already offered to plead guilty last week. He argued that Frederick had no intention to murder Klukowski and that there was no way that Frederick could have foreseen that Klukowski could suffer the kind of injuries – serious head injuries and a broken upper arm and collarbone – that he did when Frederick hit him.

On Friday Frederick claimed that Klukowski’s injuries were caused by a single punch that he had thrown in pre-emptive self-defence.

However, one of the prosecution’s witnesses has told the court that he saw Frederick flooring Klukowski with a slap and then launching a full-out assault on Klukowski where he lay on the ground. During this assault, Frederick was repeatedly kicking Klukowski, the court was told.

Frederick testified that he threw a punch at Klukowski, striking him in the face and knocking him down, because he thought Klukowski was going to attack him. He said Klukowski – slightly built and physically smaller than Frederick – was coming closer to him at that point, after Klukowski had given him a dismissive answer when he was asked about the whereabouts of Frederick’s 13-year-old daughter.

“It was not my intention to kill him, and it was not my intention to hurt him that much”, Frederick told Judge Siboleka.

Frederick has been in custody since his arrest on the day of the murder of Skeyer.

Source : The Namibian