Kunene inhabitants open association to educate communities on climate change

A group of Kunene inhabitants have opened a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called the Rhino Pride Environmental Education and Research Association (RPEERA), to educated society on climate change and sustainable eco-management in the region.

Inhabitants will be empowered to take actions for positive environmental and social changes through knowledge, skills gained from training, workshops, awareness campaigns, debates and exchange visits, founding member of the RPEERA, Michael Guiseb said today.

One of the purposes of the RPEERA is to transform environmental education knowledge and skills to the grassroots level of learners, out of school youth and disadvantaged groups.

This also includes farmers, women and youth clubs and conservancy members just to mention few groups that will benefit from the association. The association is geared to address the need for importance of raining awareness, building capacity and empowering targeted groups at local, regional and national levels, he said.

He added that new solution will be found to address the challenges for social economic and environment identified in the region.

The association will introduce and implement trainers of trainees system in 10 strategic areas and its headquarters will be based at Khorixas and a satellite office in Windhoek.

The Environmental Education paper of Namibia states the country will supports and implement environmental education as means to realize Article 95 of the constitution.

National developments priorities in Namibia recognize that environmental managements is both an enabler and driver of economic development and that the utilisation of our natural resources in a sustainable manner is for the benefit for all Namibians. Public awareness is important as it empowers targeted groups to participate and make informed decisions, Guiseb said.

He added that in line existing progress towards public awareness on climate change in the country, educating the public and continuing the momentum for awareness on climate change is vital for knowledge and understanding to affect behavior.

The association was formed this year and is expected to start with its operations in Jan 2020.

Source: Namibia Press Agency