Letu brand releases new designs

Windhoek: Another massive clothing line based in the northern part of the country, known as Letu Clothing Line, recently released its new generation of designs titled Wear With Pride. The new shining and sparking designs are currently making theeir marks around the country and attracting more fashion lovers who prefer to wear local products. Pinehas Nakaziko delves deeper into the designs

The Letu Clothing Line was founded by a young entrepreneur, Meduletu Mulokoshi, who hails from Oniipa, in the Oshikoto region. “I firstly started making shirts and tops for my home town Oniipa till I decided to come up with my own local brand known as Letu Clothing Line. The Name “Letu” Is short for my second name Meduletu. I choose to name this brand myself because to me it sounds original and creative at the same time,” says Meduletu. He says the whole aim with the brand is to fight against unemployment in Namibia, and to let all Namibians know about the local brands and how it is important to wear local products.

The new designs range from T-shirts, tops, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, casual shirts and car stickers.

“For this summer, we will be bringing some great local product, and for the future we are planning to open up a clothing shop around the country as well as to market our brand globally,” says Meduletu. He advises all local brands to be original, unique and work with the best graphic designers and good printing companies in order for them to satisfies their clients by giving them the best products ever.