Low turnout at Epukiro Show disappoints school’s alumni

Omauezonjanda-Among those with stalls at the just-concluded 24th annual agricultural show of Epukiro under the auspices of the Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association (EEFA), which ended here last Saturday, were former learners of the Epukiro Junior Secondary School.

Hoping to raise funds for the school, whose buildings have been for some time now in a worrying state of dilapidation, and not fit for human occupation, the former learners set up shop at the show. However, because of the poor turnout this bid proved unsuccessful. As much the beauty contest that the alumni scheduled for Saturday night was also a disappointment because of poor support from the public because of poor turnout. But this would not deter the alumni, under the Epukiro Pos 3 JSS Former Learners Initiative, from their mission.

Development is not easy and it is long term, the spokesperson of the alumni group, Kapangurua Ujava Tjiramba, deflects the disappointment of the weekend. She adds that the group, following last weekend's disappointment, now have to regroup to map out their next assignment and plan their next fundraising.

Tjiramba says that since its establishment last November to put hand to plough in helping their former school, which today is a far cry from when most of them were at the school, which today is a non-state, they have been engaged in various fundraising activities, including raffle competitions, and have also written to various instances for donations. Meantime, the group has produced a CD as part of the fundraising efforts, which is available for N$130-00 from cellphone number 081-2974950. Although here and there they have received positive responses they are far from their ideal position financially, taking into consideration the acute state of dilapidation of the school buildings and facilities. Thus the idea is to soldier on hoping that sooner all and sundry, the community, businesses, former learners and parents, from the constituency and beyond, would soon come on board for this noble cause.

Tjiramba is not happy with the funds they have raised thus far. Once happy it is only then they would approach the school authority on how and where such could be applied to partially start renovating and rehabilitating the school. Meantime, she is intending to put it to the group to think about a renovation master plan for the school and the cost thereof. In this regard building planners, accountants, etc. who could pro bono help in this regard are most welcome so that when they approach prospective donors in this regard, they have an idea of the cost involved in this massive project.

Benevolent people and organisations desirous of helping the fundraising with cash may donate it to: Epukiro Pos 3 JSS Former Learners Initiative; FNB; Acc. No: 62260857035; Branch No: 280872; John Meinert, Windhoek.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia