Militancy is not insulting people: SPYL secretary

Windhoek-The newly elected secretary of Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), Ephraim Nekongo, says to be militant and fearless does not mean insulting elders. Nekongo also promises that during his tenure the youth wing will put itself in a position where it is able to influence the party leadership to understand challenges facing the country, instead of insulting leaders.

The 34-year-old Nekongo, in an interview with New Era, said the youth league would not exist to cause chaos but would continue to be a transmitting belt of Swapo ideology, programmes and policies as per the Swapo Party constitution.

Nekongo, who intends to have a collective leadership, said the moment the SPYL insults the party elders they will see the youth as not being serious, which is perhaps the reason why Swapo has not been agreeing on some of the issues raised by youth league members.

Militancy is not insulting people, militancy is not about causing chaotic situations within the party. That (militancy) needs to be defined first, stated Nekongo, who added that his slogan is: 'Leadership is talk less and do more.'

Nekongo said his media and social media engagement will be minimal as he is not in a contest to be famous.

Even if my mother has a problem with me, I don't insult her, neither my father. I don't insult them. I rather look for amicable ways to deal with issues. Under his administration, Nekongo said, he would concentrate on unity among the youth in order to fight crucial issues facing them, such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy, education and HIV/Aids, amongst others.

Let's concentrate our energies on the way forward and what we think is best for us as young people of this country. And when we are united then only should we advise our elders. However, when we do that we should do it with discipline, instead of being unruly, chaotic, which cannot be welcomed.

He emphasised that SPYL is a structured organisation � from sectional to branch, district and regional levels. First you must establish whether it is the sections that are divided or whether ordinary members in Windhoek are dividing the youth league. You need to look at it from there. Because we have branches, sections, districts and regions. If I want to be honest with your question � now if it is divided, how many regions are not within the youth league and not supporting the structure of the youth league? he said.

Asked about his immediate plans as SPYL secretary, Nekongo responded that a team has been tasked to identify some of the critical challenges the country is facing for them to draw up a roadmap. Nekongo said they would soon have a position on what should be done on issues such as unemployment, poverty, sanitation, supply of rural water and electrification, and supply of sanitary pads.

Regarding the petition asking to nullify the outcome of the youth wing's congress held in Katima Mulilo last month where Nekongo was elected, Nekongo said he saw it on social media but it was never addressed to him or SPYL, nor to anyone.

He called the petition a love letter that he does not have time to entertain. He said he only saw letters of people distancing themselves from the petition.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia