Minister lauds US govt for support to health sector

Rundu-Health and Social Services Minister Dr Bernard Haufiku has said the Namibian government is grateful for the work done in Namibia by the American government that has rendered extensive support to the health sector.

Haufiku made the remarks in his official statement during a handover ceremony in Nkurenkuru a week ago, where the US government invested about N$1.7 million in the construction of a prefabricated ART clinic and a waiting area at the Nkurenkuru Health Centre.

Also, at Nankudu in Kavango West Region the US government spent about N$1.2 million to renovate and partition the ART clinic and added a waiting area to the facility to make it more accessible and attractive for patients.

The new facilities that were handed over last week included a two-roomed modular house at Nzinze clinic procured through PEPFAR that will be used to accommodate at least two medical staff.

This year the US government also procured and fully equipped 10 two-bedroomed prefabricated modular houses, 27 prefabricated clinics (five one-roomed and 22 two-roomed), as well as eight community-based ART clinics and hospitals in Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Zambezi, Khomas and Kavango.

In addition, Haufiku noted that minor engineering modifications on existing facilities were also done at Regional Health Directorate Office in Rundu and Katima Mulilo Hospital ART Clinic.

Similarly, the US government is also assisting Namibia in the areas of human resources development and provides technical assistance in both urban and rural facilities and vehicles that enable staff to reach patients that reside in areas that are difficult to traverse.

Despite the progress made in improving access to care and treatment services, our business society is still lagging behind in meeting the government halfway. So, I call on the businesses community and ordinary members of the community to do all they can to assist government in the delivery of quality health infrastructure, the health minister noted.

He further said he was happy that the clinics, as well as technical support, will provide the needed health services to the surrounding communities and the entire district.

I also make a friendly call to our community members to accept people living with HIV. This will facilitate the usage of the clinics if they are not afraid of being stigmatised and discriminated against. Let's support our brothers and sister accessing the services that are close to them.

Finally, I commend the commitment of the government of Namibia, in particular the directorate of special programmes for leading and scaling up the efforts. And we sincerely thank CDC (Centre for Disease Control) for their generous contribution in supporting the government of Namibia.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia