Mixed expectations for opposition parties over revised budget

Opposition party members said that they expected more from the Finance Minister Iipumbu Shiimi during the 2020/21 Mid-Year Budget Review and Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement on Tuesday.

In an interview with Nampa, Popular Democratic Movement Member of Parliament, Nico Smit said that more was expected from the minister but it was more of Swapo campaign and not what was really expected from the minister.

“I expected far more, the minster made a political speech. It was a part of Swapo’s campaign, making a lot of promises. They promised things that they will not be able to do within the few months that are left for the financial year to end. I don’t see how they will be able to do what the minster has just promised. All the things that he announced such as relief to Air Namibia, TransNamib and poverty are just empty campaign, political promises,” he said.

He added that the Swapo party has realized that they are in serious trouble and used the platform for their political gains but Namibians already know about the empty promises of the party.

Speaking to Nampa, United Democratic Front Member of Parliament, Dudu Murorua, said there were expectations of mentioning in which capital projects the government would invest but the minister failed to mention them.

“I really expected the minister to mention proposal or even to mention ways on how the Government could come up with improving the industry such as the construction industry that has lost a considerable number of workers of which people that are now without employment and income would have received a higher priority so that they could restart again to get them in the streamline. At the moment, we are having greater difficulty in terms of unemployment,” he said.

He added that the minister failed to come up with a strategy that the mining and tourism industries that are registered in other counties could be prioritized in order to restart and generate income for economic growth.

Swanu President, Tangeni Iijambo said; “I did not expect much today. I knew that it would be the same propaganda from the ruling party, especially with elections coming up in a few weeks. There was nothing much that one could expect from the revised budget. It was just a platform for them to use as a campaign ground,”

Source: Namibia Press Agency