Mobile makes opportunities

Aldo Strappazzon, Key Account Manager, IT-DAS at Samsung Electronics Namibia and Dorothea Westhofen-Kunz, General Manager of the Namibia Business Innovation Centre officially inaugurated the Mobile lab earlier this week. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange).To celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week, the Namibia Business Innovation Center (NBIC) inaugurated its mobile laboratory this week Wednesday. The lab is sponsored by Samsung, Telecom Namibia, MTC and the Southern Africa Innovation Support (SAIS) group.
The purpose of the mobile laboratory is to boost innovation, build capacity as well as help commercialise entrepreneurial ideas. Samsung sponsored about 50 mobile devices including tablets installed with Android software.
An 8-day session will be held in May as part of the Heckathon application finalisation which will be followed by a software development course for beginners in July. An Android developer workshop for beginners, intermediaries and advanced users, is slated for July.