Mumbala tears into ‘misleading movements’

Keetmanshoop-Swapo //Karas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala has called on the rank and file of the ruling party not to fall into the trap of what he termed misleading movements that promise change of any sort.

Speaking during the regional Swapo Party Elders' Council (SPEC) congress at Keetmanshoop on Saturday, Mumbala warned elders and all other Swapo members against joining any newly formed movement or association, saying those bodies are "misleading" people.

Swapo is known to resent with a passion the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement and demonstrated this by expelling its founders and those deemed sympathetic to it in 2015.

Now another new group, calling itself the Landless People's Movement (LPM), has cropped up recently and plans to march to parliament tomorrow to deliver a petition regarding the state of land scarcity in the country.

Both AR, which also fights for social justice, and LPM say they are not political parties or member-based organisations.

But Mumbala urged Swapo members to address their concerns internally and not form or join other movements.

"Let's not allow ourselves to be used," he said.

He said that Swapo as the ruling party is the only group that can address the concerns of all Namibian people and thus those who come up with movements and other associations promising people they have solutions to issues affecting them, are not being truthful.

"When people come to you with sweet words saying they are going to address this and that, don't fall for that, it's not true," he warned.

Also speaking at the congress was home affairs minister and chairperson of Swapo leaders assigned to //Karas Region, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, who urged members of the elders' council to continue to remain relevant.

She said the establishment of the party's wings, such as the elders' council, was to broaden and intensify the struggle on all fronts, and to ensure that the decisions and directives of the movement reached wherever they were intended to, noting that these objectives remain relevant "yesterday, today, as well as tomorrow".

She highlighted that the elders' council has a meaningful and important role to play in post-independence Namibia, which is to support the Swapo government in implementing its policies and programmes as outlined by the party manifesto, the National Development Plan (NDP) and Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP).

"Elderly people of Namibia play an important role in contributing to the national construction, economic development and education of our young generation," she said.

She reminded the gathering of the promises that the party has made to the Namibian people, such as ensuring peace, human dignity, and strengthening the implementation of laws, policies and programmes, noting that it's the responsibility of elders to ensure these promises are kept.

She further urged all elders to be actively involved in strengthening educational values, saying each and every one should play a role in encouraging children to go to school, as this is for their own benefit.

She pointed out that the Grade 10 performance of the //Karas Region, whereby the region is ranked second last, is not pleasing, and should serve as a wake-up call to all parents to do their part in ensuring quality education.

"I call on parents to help schools in improving their results, as we can't leave this to the schools alone."

Iivula-Ithana further called on members to unite in fighting against tribalism and promote unity in diversity while working towards prosperity.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia