Musician motivates learners

Windhoek-She may just be known as Uatungua of One Blood fame a few years ago when she catapulted herself onto the local music scene, but lately she has come to be known as Ua2ngua.

Note the difference in the writing of her name. This is essentially to show that the two Uatunguas are two different personas. Far from being just a musician, which Uatungua has been, this is not the case with Ua2ngua.

Besides her music exploits, she has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis. Except for her claim to fame with four albums behind her name, Ua2ngua is a graduate with a BA in Human Resources Management from the Polytechnic of Namibia, these days the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

It is perhaps this mix of celebrity and academia that makes Ua2ngua the perfect ambassador for what she lately has added to her stable, to plough back in her community.

One way through which she has been doing this is to motivate learners about the importance of education. She started with Otjimbingwe Primary School and Da Palm High School, also in Otjimbingwe, in the Erongo Region on July 27, followed by Rietquelle Secondary School in Aminuis Constituency in the Omaheke Region on September 15.

The whole initiative is to help the learners to get motivated and to understand the importance of education and to understand that education is the key to a better tomorrow, Ua2ungua emphasises her new mission.

In Otjimbingwe the schools also received some books, as well as printing paper donated by Kinoca Minolta. On the roadshows the general public, especially the elderly, have also been benefitting modestly from the donation of blankets.

This is an endeavour that Ua2ngua and company hope to continue next year to reach more schools throughout the country, if only more sponsors would come on board to make their mission possible and successful.

Meanwhile, Ivone Matundu � aka Ua2ngua � known for the Township Disco genre, who started her music career in 2007, has also been busy with her next album, out next month or early November 2017.

Penoo Katjiuongua, Mc Katjimune, DJ Mdesh, Juri Bonety diaz Upora, Kapanda Marenga, Williams Tjitare, Rochelle Muhii Kamboua and Tjirumendu Kuhanga are all members of her roadshow crew.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia