NAMA nominees to be announced soon

MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer and Chairperson of the Namibia Annual Music Award (NAMA) Executive Committee, Tim Ekandjo has announced that the 2013 NAMA nominees will be announced on 23 March, following a successful vetting process.“The vetting process has been completed, results have successfully been audited and the Judges are hard at work making sure only the best entries qualify as Nominees”, said Ekandjo.
The 2013 NAMA’s received a total of 857 entries.Out of the total,  only 612 entries qualified  while the remaining 245 entries were disqualified by the Steering Committee. “We have   been able to reduce the number of disqualified entries by accepting only manual entries. This  however meant more administration work having to upload them onto the system ourselves,” Ekandjo added.
According to the committee, the most common reasons for disqualifications were either, artists submitted albums that were not valid or released on time, albums that were not commercially released, albums that do not conform to the NAMA release dates or albums or entries that were already entered in the NAMA’s last year.