NAMAs nominees advised on how to monetise music

The nominees for the various Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) 2019 attended a workshop on how to monetise and take their music outside the borders of Namibia, here on Saturday 2019.

The nominees were addressed by panellist composed of Sony Music Entertainment Pan Africa Managing Director, Sean Watson and international judges from South Africa award-winning songstress Yvonne Shakashaka, from Kenya Homeboys Radio General Manager, Somoina Kimojino and Chief Executive of Saracen OMD, Sammy Thvo and Chairperson of the National Arts Council of Namibia Patrick Sam, hours before the awards ceremony.

What stood out from what the panelist mentioned was if artist are to break into the international market or scene they would have to be unique, authentic and disciplined.

Watson noted that people listen to good music that catches they attention right way whether they understood the language or not.

He added that on cites that monitor which songs are listened to the most it is evident that it only take a few seconds for an individual to decide whether to skip the song or listen to the entire song and even add it to their playlist.

'So it is important that you just don't have instrumentals playing the first part of the song but to make it interesting as that will determine if some it will be skipped or not' said Watson.

Sharing the same sentiments Shakashaka said in east Africa people enjoy her music and even sing along to the extend of making up their on lyrics and even assuming she is singing about something else which is contrary to the original song.

'People sing to my music even if they don't understand the language I mean we have a lot of musicians who sing in their native languages and we still enjoy and dance dance to their music' stressed Shakashaka.

Sam mentioned that musician need to pay more attention to their performances as it is another ways of monetising the art and getting recognition outside the country.

He added that they assist musicians with fight tickets or co-sponsor their expense when performing outside Namibia depending on the agreement between them and the artist management.

Kimojino further added that musicians need to attend rehearsals and take them lightly by skipping them expecting their performance to be flawless as it won't be the case.

On his part Thvo advised that the musicians to carefully choose their managers as they are the people who are responsible to ensure that they monetise the artist music.

Source: Namibia Press Agency