Namibia ready to contribute to the fight against global terrorism: Mutorwa

Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa said, Namibia is ready and happy to contribute to the fight against global terrorism by helping in the establishment and implementation of traveler identification management process and passenger data exchange system.

Mutorwa made these remarks on Tuesday, when he opened the International Civil Aviation Organisation technical workshop on Air Transport Facilitation of Policies and Capacity Building on Solutions Related to Boarder Control Management, which is underway in Windhoek at a local hotel.

He said the implementation of traveler identification management process and passenger data exchange system will not only help in detecting terrorism and human trafficking but will also improve air travel, national and global economies.

We are aware that enhanced integrity of travel documents serves, in turn, to expedite clearance of people at border control points, strengthen aviation security and also that it serves as an information tool to detect terror suspects and illegal migration, human trafficking and assist in the prevention of crime, said Mutorwa.

He added that Namibia and the Southern Africa region are ready to play their part in the aspects of eradicating terrorism in the global aviation, but this can only be done through an effective implementation of both security and facilitation of standards and recommended practices.

Namibia Civil Aviation Authority Interim Executive Director Reinhard Gartner said, even though significant progress have been made to improve safety in the aviation industry, more still need to be done to fight identity theft.

All of us may agree that, while significant progress continues to be achieved through the enhancement of document and border inspection systems as well as cross-border data sharing, the industry has to continuously renew and improve its methods to combat identity fraud, given the grave security implications, said Gartner.

Gartner said, the industry is committed to ensure enhanced Traveler Identification Management process to secure efficient air transportation, which is critical to human welfare and progress, at the same time contributing to economics through tourism and cross cultural connections among others, but the decisions should be made based on the threats the industry is facing.

The workshop is being attended by aviation industry experts from Africa, America, Europe as well as Asia and it will conclude on Friday.

Source: Namibia Press Agency