Namibia under pressure over North Korea

The Americans better find a solution to their pollution, which is their ugly foreign policy, that plays world police and stop abusing smaller and weaker nations.

Why would they try to enforce the United Nations (UN) policies onto others while themselves countlessly have and still abuse the other nations and invade territories without UN approval?

This hegemony is exactly why the DPRK have decided to stick to their nukes because the examples of abusive tactics and mass murdering is well recorded and still being recorded in Arab countries, Papua New Guinea and former Yugoslavia through their NATO allies.

Being a recipient of their funds should not put a leash around our necks and become their controlled pet, time will tell when we will no longer in need of their aid, besides they owe the highest debt to the UN yet they are the first to see who violates its sanctions when their enemies are involved but their enemies are not our enemies.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia