Ninety people join Swapo in Kunene

Okozongumbati-Swapo Party has welcomed 90 new members, who recently defected to the ruling party from opposition parties, such as the DTA, the UDF and CoD.

The new members were introduced at a belated Heroes Day commemoration at Okozongumbati three kilometres outside Opuwo, where they were informed that they were joining the winning party.

When we started it was with a commemoration, remembering what happened and now we are ending with a celebration because we are receiving new members, Swapo secretary general Nangoloh Mbumba said.

He told new members who were proudly displaying their Swapo membership cards that not all their names will be mentioned due to time limits, but only senior members from opposition parties will be called out.

Attendees were also told to welcome the new members, who danced to the ruling party songs while waving their clenched fists in the air.

Vekumina Kanambunga, 25, told New Era that his parents were Swapo members and he was the only one in the family who was a DTA member. My parents are part of the mighty party already, so I joined my parents' party. I am part of Swapo now, said Kanambunga.

Ben Kapi, Kunene regional co-coordinator and a former member of the central committee of CoD said he re-joined Swapo from CoD. I came back home, as I know the work of Swapo Party back then and even now. There is no party like Swapo, said a smiling Kapi.

Kapi was joined by his wife in rejoining the party. They are family. I am at home, he said.

Two relatives of Sesfontien Constituency Councillor Klaudius Kaujova reportedly also jumped ship from the UDF.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia