Nkurenkuru Open Market without water

The Nkurenkuru Town Council (NTC) says it disconnected water at the open market as vendors operating there owe council N.dollar 78000 in water bills the Chief Executive Officer PetrusSindimba said.

Sindimba was responding to claims from vendors in an interview with Nampa on Sunday that they have been without water since 2017 and functioning toilet facilities.

According to the vendors they pay N.dollars 360 a year to the council and not having water at the open market hampers their daily income there.

Sindimba said council had several meetings with the vendors in order for them to at least pay N.dollars 2000 for water to be reconnected.

Although they agreed they never did that up to date, the CEO said.

The vendors are expected to pay N.dollars 20 monthly to the open market committee which goes to the monthly use of water.

They are also required to pay N.dollars 360 annually Sindimba explained as this he noted is trading fees for operating at the open market in terms of our approved tariff structure.

This amount has nothing to do with the usage of water, which they

are being required to pay based on the units consumed per month. I would like to make it categorically clear that vendors should honor their dues. Those who do not want to do so should rather volunteer themselves to vacate their stands before the council will request them to do so, he said.

The council he pointed out is ready to reconnect the water any time once the required agreed deposit amount of N.dollars 2000 is paid.

Lawlessness will never develop this town neither this country, he added.

The vendors have been complaining that without functioning toilets they have to use the nearest bushes to help themselves and that the open market is also very dirty and not good for business or health.

The CEO said the council is determined to ensure that the vendors operate in a conducive environment, but they have also to honor their part.

If you go there now, we have already with our own resources cleaned the area. We urged them to keep it clean, he highlighted.

Source: Namibia Press Agency