No suspects in shooting of Rundu man yet

Two men who are alleged to have killed a man over a cellphone have still not been found the police told Nampa on Friday.

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) crime investigations coordinator for the Kavango East Region, Deputy Commissioner BonifasiusKanyetu said the police still have no idea who they are as the incident happened at night and there were no witnesses.

There is no clue directing to say who these men are, the deputy commissioner said.

It is alleged that the suspect was shot in the back after trying to help a female colleague whose mobile phone was snatched by a suspected thief, said Kanyetu.

One suspect allegedly grabbed the phone of the colleague of the deceased and fled with it, prompting the deceased to chase after the suspect and when he caught up with him, an accomplice of the suspect allegedly approached to free his partner in crime, armed with a pistol and shot the deceased from behind, before escaping with the phone, Kanyetu explained.

According to him, the female colleague cannot identify the suspects as it was dark where the incident took place at Ndama settlement in Rundu.

Kanyetu said all that the female colleague knows is that the suspects were two.

The deputy commissioner says the police is now calling on members of the public to assist for any information on the incident.

Source: Namibia Press Agency