No tenders to contractors not adhering to labour laws – MANWU

The Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU) has called on the government and other private businesses not to give construction tenders to contractors violating the country’s labour laws.
In a joint statement issued by MANWU and the Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF)  this week, MANWU General Secretary Justina Jonas said: “We want to ensure that construction workers are paid rightful wages and decent conditions of employment are maintained. A serious call to the government is to ensure not to give tenders to employers who are not complying with the labour laws, as per the President’s statement. We are still witnessing companies given tenders even though they are known not to comply with the national labour laws.”
Jonas said paying construction workers “a rightful wage“will go a long way to alleviate poverty.
 “We also appeal to the companies as well as to the government who give tenders to the contractors and all individuals who have their houses renovated, to ensure that appointed contractors or subcontractors are paying their workers as per the Government Gazette,” Jonas added.