NPTH avails N.dollars 60 million towards drought relief

The Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings LTD (NPTH) donated N.dollars 60 million here on Thursday, to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, to be channeled to the drought relief and national disaster Funds.

Speaking at the handover of the funds NPTH Board Chairperson, Lena Kangandjela noted that as the holding company of NAMPOST, Telecom Namibia and MTC they decided to respond to the call of a voluntary donation from corporate entities, private sector and the public at large towards the implementation of the drought relief program.

She added that the specific aim of the program is to assist the affected Namibian communities especially those in the drought-prone areas with either food assistance or any other support to maintain and to protect their livelihoods despite the ongoing drought.

Kangandjela also said that the government's objectives towards drought relief are notable as they are meant to save humans lives, to protect the nutritional status of the affected communities, to protect the livelihood of the affected population and to protect food security resilience of the affected communities.

'HPTH is hereby donating N.dollars 60 million in its effort to respond to the government's plea with the aim of assisting the effective implementation of the drought relief program in order for the government to achieve its intended objectives. In addition, that funds will be channelled towards the National Disaster Fund under the custody of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM),' said Kangandjela.

Kangandjela also urged other corporates and individuals to emulate them in meeting government halfway by ensuring that the livelihood of the affected communities is maintained.

'This donation aims to strengthen the Namibian government by restoring the faith and trust the Namibian people have in their government to provide during hard times,' stressed Kangandjela.

Receiving the donation, Minister of ICT Stanley Simataa noted that as a government they decided they need to build resilience towards drought because of the demographic location of Namibia there will always be drought.

'So we need to move away from simply reacting to the droughts when they emerge to building the necessary resilience that will allow as to positively mitigate the effects of drought,' said the Minister.

Simataa expressed concern about water usage in the city of Windhoek by its residents who are not cooperating or adhering to the call by the City of Windhoek to limit the daily usage of water in the city as there is a risk of the city running dry as dam levels are low.

The Minister assured that the will be regular reports on how the drought funds are administered.

Source: Namibia Press Agency