NSA mobile app promotes access to information

Omuthiya-Access to national data has now become easy with the recently launched statistical mobile application by the Namibia Statistic Agency (NSA), which provides users with portable accessibility to key indicators.

The app was created after numerous concerns were raised by the public who were unable to access the information from the NSA's website due to either unaffordability or lack of internet facilities.

This app will be used free of a charge and does not require internet connection to use, the only time internet will be used is when you first download the mobile app and secondly when you update it in order to retrieve or access latest uploaded information explained NSA spokesperson Esther Simasiku.

Simasiku added that the app also reduces printing costs incurred before for producing booklets. This app further provides a lot of options, such as making comparison of data from the previous years, it can enable you to compare populations of regions or towns and this includes data collected since the first census was conducted, she stated.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia